Liquidating distribution or dividend

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Liquidating distribution or dividend

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The price at which your purchase is executed could be higher than our NAV per share at the time you submit your purchase order, and the price at which your redemption is executed could be lower than our NAV per share at the time you submit your redemption request.

For this type of account, capital dividend is taken out from paid-in capital and not from retained earnings.

As long as the company has this account, they can designate an appropriate amount of dividends as a capital dividend.

In March 2014 I received a 1099-DIV from the company showing the cash in Block 8, and the value of the stock in Block 9.

The "gain" on the sale was roughly 00 more than the original purchase price. You may not need to report this income, and in any even it is not reported as a dividend.

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The purchase and redemption prices for our shares will be determined at the end of each business day based upon the NAV for such class and will not be based on any established trading price.

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