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This short summary really tells most of the story, in a very sad way.

Magazine in 2003: "Money is the last thing I think about.

The teaming of Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton in Warren Beatty's "Reds" back in 1981 was only given a minute glimpse.

Despite having led a pretty hard life filled with a lot of tragedy, he's managed to not only be one of the most giving celebrities of all time, but a truly great human being that, by example, is teaching us all that we should "be excellent to each other." So, from donating millions of dollars to the crews of his films, to having breakfast with the homeless, to being seemingly immortal, here are the greatest Keanu Reeves stories ever told.

Reeves has developed a reputation as a pretty generous guy over the years, frequently choosing the artistic integrity of his projects over a huge payday.

You and Jack Nicholson have great onscreen chemistry.

Can you talk about what it was like to shoot that love scene with him? It feels like that because I think there’s something about the way Jack uses language. I thought, “It’s going to be a woman’s body and that’s the way it is.” It’s okay, it’ll do.

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Diane Keaton's love stories have yet to end with a trip down the aisle. "The only one I've missed, really, is Matthew Mc Conaughey." Another famous ex of Keaton's is director Woody Allen, who was recently accused by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, of sexual abuse.

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