Justin dating jasmine villegas

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Justin dating jasmine villegas

Her career began at age 11, when she was discovered singing on the street.

Before Jasmine V opened for the Bieb on tour, and even before she played Justin’s love interest in his music video “Baby,” this 16 year old Filipino/Mexican beauty was no stranger to the industry.

Jasmine is 20 years old now and has experienced something that some of us haven't..we aren't talking about dating Bieber, either.

In 2012, when she was 17, Jasmine was dating an abusive guy, and now she's speaking out to teens about relationship violence.

Right now, she’s the number one most envied teenage girl in America since she was caught on camera kissing Justin Bieber in the back seat of a car. She landed her first acting job in a commercial for The Land Before Time, followed by her first singing gig when she sang the National Anthem for the Los Angeles Clippers. Jasmine Villegas has a new single out called “All These Boys,” which you can listen to on her website:

Rumor has it that the chemistry between Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas are getting intense by the minute.

Sources say that Bieber invited Jasmine Villegas to come with him on his My World 2.0 Tour in Hawaii.

However, Bieber is adamant their romantic liaison was short-lived.

In an interview with revered newswoman Barbara Walters, he says, "I was kissing her...

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